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With ever-increasing crime rates and escalating terror threats, the security of residences has gained utmost premium. Since, most residents are not aware of the possibility of electronic surveillance for their homes, apartments and housing complexes have become soft targets  

SecursyS provides a range of gadgets that will keep you and your family safe & secure.

Audio Video Door Phone
Audio Video door phones are the first step and also an essential step towards security for apartments, residential complexes, villas etc. Visitors will first...
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Biometric Door Lock
If you are looking for a fool proof locking system for your home, then biometric door locks are the way forward. Fingerprint, which is not ...
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Intruder & Burglar Alarm
Are you wondering if you need a Burglar Alarm? It’s akin to asking whether you need Life insurance. A burglar alarm provides total security for your possessions. A burglar alarm can either provide an additional ...
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