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Fire Detection & Fire fighting solutions

There’s a fire accident every 25 minutes in India. These accidents cause property damages worth millions of rupees and sometimes cause loss of life as well. In order to fight this adversary, SecursyS brings you a range of Fire detection and Fire fighting solutions designed to keep you safe round the clock.

Broadly fire alarm systems are of two types viz. Conventional and Addressable.

Conventional systems are traditional and are natural choice for smaller areas or where budget constraints exist. In this system, the fire alarm control panel receives the trigger from conventional detectors and signals the condition to devices like hooters or alarm sounders.

Addressable systems are more ‘Intelligent’ in the sense that it displays the exact location of the fire thereby enabling quick identification of trouble areas . Also in large installations, the addressable systems provide overwhelming benefits interms of maintenance and cabling cost.

Secursys  also provides  best quality and certified Fire extinguishers to fight all types of fires viz. Electrical, flammable liquid and gas, ordinary combustibles etc.

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